Funky to Frumpy

Getting Your Groove Back

Losing your sense of style can be a slow process that goes unnoticed for years.  Once upon a time you were probably excited at the prospect of getting dressed up and going out.  Now the thought is almost nauseating.

“What will I wear?”, is the first thought that jumps into your mind.  After a quick and disheartening scan of your wardrobe you decide that you like nothing and everything is just plain boring.  Some women choose not to attend events because the idea of dressing up is too daunting for them.

Discover how this happened.

How did you lose your sense of style?

Generally speaking, as women move through different phases of their lives (motherhood), their priorities shift.  After things slow down they can then refocus on themselves but they discover;

  • their body has changed
  • fashion has changed
  • they are older
  • what used to look good on them is old and outdated
  • they are confused with shopping and give up
  • the don’t know what their ‘style’ is
  • they are stuck in the easy-dressing and downright boring rut

So let’s start fresh. Forget what you used to look like. Stop beating yourself up.  Embrace the person you are now and put in a little effort when dressing because when you do, you will feel GREAT!





10 Tips for Big Butts

Some women are blessed with a perfectly shaped butt however most of us are not.

I, like many others, possess a rear I wish I could just shrink in the wash.  What a wonderful idea – have a luxurious bath and shrink your butt at the same time. Some women go down the road of plastic surgery…….but there are other options.

By knowing a few key tips, you will be able to minimise your ‘butt’ without much effort or money.  Sounds good, right!

  1. Ensure hemlines do not end at the thickest part of your bottom.  This is especially bad if your top and pants/skirt are a different colour.  The contrast creates a strong horizontal line which draws the viewer’s eyes from side to side, making the area appear wider.


2.  Avoid details or prints around your bottom as they will immediately draw attention to it and in fact enlarge it.

 3.  Attract attention elsewhere with statement jewellery, a printed top, eye-catching shoes and hats etc.

4.  Try to keep shirts and skirts/pants in a similar colour or depth in order to keep the eye travelling up and down (not side to side).  The line of contrast will make the area look wider and in this example it is the waist that is accentuated.Image


  5. Avoid tight fitting pants and skirts.  Also a no-no from the front.

6. Choose pants and skirts that fall straight down from the widest part of your hips and then taper in slightly at the lower leg. 


7. Avoid A – line and bubble skirts as well as skinny leg or flared pants..




8.  Only choose block colours – not prints or patterns.



9.  Stick to dark colours on your lower half as lighter colours enlarge.


10.  Be prepared to get clothing altered.  It is extremely rare to find clothing off the rack that fits perfectly.

Finally, stop focussing on it! Enjoy life and laugh lots.





Freaky Bodies

Freaky Bodies

When I look in the mirror I see a lot of flaws but the most upsetting is how much shorter my legs appear to be getting. In fact, when I look around it appears everyone has unnaturally short legs.

How can this be? Are my legs shrinking with age? Perhaps…..What about everyone else?  No!  Something is amiss.

After further reflection (and emotional turmoil) I discovered that my brain has become so accustomed to the elongated limbs in magazines that human beings now seem out of proportion.

I did not grow up with photo-shopped images yet they have infiltrated my perception of human proportion.  How bad will it be for this generation?

I shudder to think.