How did I holiday in France, drink wine every night and lose 2kg?


Now a holiday in France for an Australian is a big deal.  It is very expensive and extremely tiring to fly 30 + hours without sleep.  That is why my husband and I did not take the kids and decided to really live it up.  We drank every night.  I don’t mean a glass or 2, I mean more.  We ate great food every night.  We barely exercised – I’m just not that kind of tourist.  Our focus was on fine wine, food, rest and some sight seeing.

So how on earth could I lose weight after all that?  Here’s what IImage think;

1.  In France, their idea of fast food is a salad baguette.

2.  I saw only 2 Mac Donald’s in the entire country.

3.  I swapped cereal for bread, ham and eggs.  Maybe there’s more sugar in my ‘healthy muesli’ than I realised.

4.  I ate salmon every night. 

5.  I chose rice instead of pasta as a side.

6.  I didn’t eat red meat at all.  I have spaghetti bolognese at least twice a week because its a meal I know the kids will eat.  I am rethinking that one now.

7.  I ate bread with every meal which filled me up.

8.  I listened to my body when it told me I was full.

9.  I didn’t snack on biscuits and kept sugar intake to a minimum (except wine).

10.  I ignored everything I know about fat and ate it gleefully.  (full fat mayonnaise)

What is my conclusion? 

I think Australian food is loaded with sugars and additives that make us fat.  I think our focus on low fat products has made us fatter because more sugar is added to make food taste better.  Sugar has a lot to answer for. 

Now imagine I didn’t drink all that white wine?  I would be positively skinny!




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