Every outfit or clothing you choose to wear reflects your personality; but sometimes you just feel overwhelmed and don’t know what colors look good next to each other. Matching colours is a matter of personal choice, yet a few tips of how relationships between colours work could help you create your very own style.

The Colour Wheel

The color wheel

The colour wheel shows the relationships between colours considered to be primary, secondary and tertiary.
Primary colours are red, yellow and blue.
When you mix any two primary colours in equal measure, you obtain a secondary colour. Mixing red and blue gives purple, blue and yellow creates green and yellow and red gives orange. So, secondary colours are: green, orange and purple.
A tertiary colour is made by mixing one secondary with its adjacent primary colour. Yellowish green is a tertiary color.
When talking about matching colorus there are two basic relationships:
Analogous colours are the ones sitting side-by-side on the color wheel and they usually work with one another. When matched the result is very nice as these colours are relatives and have little contrast. For example blue’s analogous colours are green and purple, while red and green are orange’s analogous colors.

Colours opposite to each other on the colour wheel are complementary colours. When matched they contrast and intensify each other. Purple is complementary to yellow, blue to orange, red to green etc. But the reverse is always applicable.

How to match colours

  • White and black are not considered as being colours, as they are much less present in nature. Both black and white can be matched with any other colour.
  • Grey is neutral, consequently it can also be matched with any colour.
  • It’s advisable not to wear more than 3 colours in the same outfit to maintain a coordinated look and avoid looking like a clown. In order to have a good result or if you are in doubt, use the colour wheel to help you choose the colours. But remember: Less is more”.
  • An outfit must have only one dominant colour.
  • Adding one complementary colour allows to temper (tone down) another colour.
  • Try using more sober (dull) colours for the parts where you want to look thinner.
  • Vivid colours (neon) are better for the upper part of the body because they light up your face.

Source: beautyhill.com

Colour Coordinating Made Easy – how to not look like a clown!


7 Ways to Keep Your Cool this Summer

1.  Drink lots of water.

2.  Wear clothing made from natural fibres such as wool and cotton.

3. Avoid polyester and lining at all costs.

4. Choose lighter colours.


5. Choose cooler colours like blue and green.

6  Buy a simple summer dress that you can change the look of with different accessories.


7.  Wear a stylish hat.



How did I holiday in France, drink wine every night and lose 2kg?


Now a holiday in France for an Australian is a big deal.  It is very expensive and extremely tiring to fly 30 + hours without sleep.  That is why my husband and I did not take the kids and decided to really live it up.  We drank every night.  I don’t mean a glass or 2, I mean more.  We ate great food every night.  We barely exercised – I’m just not that kind of tourist.  Our focus was on fine wine, food, rest and some sight seeing.

So how on earth could I lose weight after all that?  Here’s what IImage think;

1.  In France, their idea of fast food is a salad baguette.

2.  I saw only 2 Mac Donald’s in the entire country.

3.  I swapped cereal for bread, ham and eggs.  Maybe there’s more sugar in my ‘healthy muesli’ than I realised.

4.  I ate salmon every night. 

5.  I chose rice instead of pasta as a side.

6.  I didn’t eat red meat at all.  I have spaghetti bolognese at least twice a week because its a meal I know the kids will eat.  I am rethinking that one now.

7.  I ate bread with every meal which filled me up.

8.  I listened to my body when it told me I was full.

9.  I didn’t snack on biscuits and kept sugar intake to a minimum (except wine).

10.  I ignored everything I know about fat and ate it gleefully.  (full fat mayonnaise)

What is my conclusion? 

I think Australian food is loaded with sugars and additives that make us fat.  I think our focus on low fat products has made us fatter because more sugar is added to make food taste better.  Sugar has a lot to answer for. 

Now imagine I didn’t drink all that white wine?  I would be positively skinny!



6 Tips on how to avoid looking like a drag queen when you’re over 40.

1.  Ease up on the eyeliner.  Your eyes may have been perfect in your 20’s but do you really want to accentuate your newly formed ‘crow’s feet’.


2.  Avoid overly stylised hair – you’re not on stage.


3.  Don’t over dose on colours – you could look like rainbow vomit.


4.  Watch out for too much bling, sometimes less is more.


5.  Wear age-appropriate clothes – enough said.


6.  Avoid very dark lipstick….and for that matter, lip liner as well.


And remember, now that you are older it is a good idea to soften your features with subtle make-up and hair rather than outline our age!