What is Autumn’s must-have accessory?

The Humble Cardigan…….
Of course!

The days start out cool and warm up to the point where long sleeves are just too hot to bare. By mid-afternoon those armpits will be smelly and no one will go near you. What to do? Continue to wear your summer clothes as the day is sure to heat up, especially in QLD. Cover your upper body with a comfy figure-flattering cardigan during the crisp mornings and afternoons.

The safest colours to choose are the neutrals. If you look best in warm colours then creams and browns are your friends. If you look better in cooler hues then stick to white and grey (black in Winter). They will mix and match easily with everything else in your wardrobe. Try to get them in lighter shades as a heavy black cardigan over summer clothes looks somewhat odd.
If you are short and/or a little large, avoid anything with excessive detail and large knit. Anything too bulky will add weight and overwhelm petite women.

If you are overweight, the best length for you is one that’s hemline ends near your knuckles when your arms are hanging beside you. Longer lines will elongate your body.  Avoid cardigans with hemlines at your bottom (will make it look wider) or waist (will make you look boxy) as these are not flattering for you.

The above information applies to jackets!

Remember to always choose the knit-size that is in proportion to your body.
Large women = large knit.
Petite women = tight knit.

For those women who generally wear neutral colours most of the time, then now it your opportunity to brighten up your image with a coloured cardigan……..Just watch out for those dodgy prints – a plain colour is the most versatile.

What is your must-have accessory for Autumn?


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