Fundraiser Fun

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to organise some ‘mum’ models for the Partricks Road State School Fundraiser. It was a fantastic concept. The community donated good quality pre-loved clothing and accessories to sell on the night. We kicked it off with a fashion parade that showcased outfits that I put together. Had so much fun. Thanks Funky Mums.


Printed pants

Printed pants can be a big NO – No . They can draw attention to an already problematic area for many women and will also add bulk/weight. Tall and skinny girls can carry this trend.

What do you think? Ever made this mistake?

DIY: Branch Accessories Hanger

Because every girl needs a place to display her accessories!

into mind

Branch Accessories Hanger

Hello! I’ve got another DIY tutorial for you, for a little project I did when I was at home for Easter. Well, actually it was a little more time consuming than some of my other DIYs, mainly because I lacked some of the necessary handyman skills:). It’s probably a quick one-hour project for anyone who knows how to mount stuff onto walls and all that.  I was going to make this as a coat hanger, but actually you can use it to store all kinds of things, like scarves, bags, necklaces, belts, hats, anything. Here’s what I did:

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Why ‘iBeautify’?

Life is a journey and we have many adventures along the way.  Some good.  Some bad.  In the end we conquer our adversaries and are able to reflect on how far we have come.  Sadly, with many women the toughest adversary is themselves.

From childhood we compare ourselves to others who are more beautiful, taller, skinnier, funnier, sexier and a whole lot more of which I couldn’t possibly list here.  In the end we have to accept ourselves as the benchmark and not let outside influences affect the way we feel within our own skin.  That is why I chose my first business name; Renaissance Image Design.

I came to the point where I realised that I wasn’t born with a perfect figure, thick luscious hair or even height! I changed my perception of what really mattered – me and my family.  If I was unhappy with myself how could my daughters be happy within themselves.  Thus ‘Renaissance’ – a change of perception or ‘rebirth’ (French).

It is a name full of meaning but far too long to type!  To be practical I remembered that the whole idea was about a change of perspective or indeed rebirth.  I chose the butterfly logo far before I changed my business name.  It embodies the very notion of change and metamorphosis. By December 2011 I was looking to shorten my business name.  It came to me as I was getting into bed.  I pictured a butterfly and realised that beautify sounded very similar.  To cut it short, that is my intention.    

Change comes from a desire within but can happen from the outside.  By making the effort to dress better, you feel better.  People notice you for the RIGHT reasons and some even compliment you.  This feedback fuels the desire to feel better about ourselves and indeed continue the journey to self fulfillment.

Image is not so shallow then, is it?  We have the ability to modify our mood by simply modifying what we wear……now isn’t that powerful!

When you know the ‘how’ and ‘why’ you can change the way you and others view you.  You can feel better about yourself and lead a more fulfilling life uncluttered by insecurities.

Style is the image of character.
Edward Gibbon


Image – years in making

LONDON: Teens might think they have style, but a study shows they could have to wait more than 15 years before truly settling on an image..

A study found it took years of experimenting before women found a look they were happy and confident with. Most felt they were in their prime at 35.

One in three grew more comfortable with their appearance the older they became.  Researchers found one in 29 went as far as to claim they didn’t feel they hit their prime will they were 56.

The study – for premium clothes brand CC – also found 59  per cent of women admitted they were guilty of ‘dressing too young for their age”.

Daily Mail

Style is the image of cha…